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AfterConflict Lost War First In-depth Look - The Tactical Cold War Game


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What is AfterConflict Lost War?

Afterconflict Lost War is a Multiplayer Tactical FPS where players take the role of cold war era military factions fighting over resources and land after another world-scale war breaks out. The game focuses on providing a realistic and immersive experience of war. The game is a hardcore tactical FPS which focuses on realism a lot. We're developing on our own using a custom made engine, we're doing the game full-time with minimal budget and learning a lot as we go. The game takes place after a cold-war turns into a hot one, after the initial combat and portray NATO and WARSAW PACT post-total war when supplies have broken down and it's all fighting to the last man. We are heavily focusing on realism in everything. An example of the current state of equipment that we think is acceptable quality would be some weapons we've done. Most people of the team are practical shooters or have a military background we're trying to go for realism in firearm operation, infantry combat, equipment.

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